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Big Telly Theatre Company’s production of The Faerie Thorn opened at The Riverside Theatre in Coleraine on Friday 21 April 2017 and finishes a 32-date tour with a final performance in Dresden on Monday 12 June 2017.

On this page you’ll find theatre reviews, some of the audience feedback and selected images.

Theatre Reviews
‘The Big Telly crew are masters of creating spellbinding performances using minimal props and using them to great effect, and the cast’s versatility in adopting different characters gives it that extra spark. It all makes for a vibrant and engaging performance, which hooks you from the outset and keeps reeling you in throughout.’ Culture NI. Read the full review here.

‘Compelling, idiosyncratic and inventively staged show merging fantasy with reality.’ The Stage. Read the full review here.

‘Take three stories from Jane Talbot’s book of north coast mythology, add a pinch of Big Telly Theatre Company tomfoolery, prime it with a mischievous and madcap cast, decorate with a big soundtrack, lights, masks and puppets … and you’ve got The Faerie Thorn.’ Alan in Belfast. Read the full review here.

‘This was a night to make you look over your shoulder, shiver a bit, and wonder.’ Jane Hardy, Irish News. Read the full review here.

The Faerie Thorn is a riveting show; it’s pure theatre, with dance, masks, imaginative special effects and wonderful language.’ Anne Hailes, Irish News. Read the full review here.

‘It was a night of laughter, tears and some slight wincing.’ Culture Hub Magazine. Read the full review here. 

‘The night was filled with magic and mystery, the kind we all hope to find when we come to Ireland. There were songs that made your heart ache and your spirits rise, storytelling of lyrical proportions and many, many laughs.’ Tale Time Stories. Read the full review here.

Some of the Audience Feedback [via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook]
‘Creative, funny and fast-paced performance! Fantastic portrayal of Man Donaghy’s story and both vivid and evocative characterisations of the folk from the hawthorn and local beauty spots such as Plaiskin Head and Murlough Bay.’ Julie Sittlington [Coleraine performance]

‘Unexpected, funny, entertaining,  touching.’ Freya McClements [Coleraine performance]

‘Funny, dark, macabre, hilarious, bonkers, moving.’ Una Culkin [Coleraine performance]

‘Superb production. Better than La La Land. Don’t miss it!’ Yvonne Boyle [Coleraine performance]

‘What a trove of delights – a must see!’ Tom Maguire [Coleraine performance]

‘Enchanting, dark, hilarious. Go!’ Caitriona McLaughlin [Coleraine performance]

‘It was bloody brilliant.’ David Atkinson [Coleraine performance]

‘Absolutely stunning from tip to tail. The sheer amount of creativity in this little gem is unbelievable; the language is beautiful, the set/lighting/soundtrack are transformative and the acting is just first class. Go.’ Colm Doran [Belfast performance]

‘Pure theatre: bewitching, confusing, fascinating, sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, always entertaining.’ Anne Hailes [Belfast performance]

‘Brilliantly edgy and funny.’ Sonya Whitefield [Belfast performance]

‘It was so funny and clever and just a joy to watch. Gotta love those trolls!’ Elisha Gormley [Belfast performance]

‘Magical, mysterious, hysterical.’ Vicky Cosstick [Belfast performance]

‘The Faerie Thorn was an absolute triumph. I felt warm-held. Go see this inventive, emotive and powerful show!’ Maeve Smyth [Belfast performance]

‘What a show! Haven’t laughed that much in a long time.’ Martin Dunseath [Belfast performance]

‘Incredibly fun and lovely and heartwarming and captivating and hilariously funny and I shed tears of joy and melancholy… altogether fabulous stuff. Majestic work by all. Congratulations!’ Martin McDowell [Belfast performance]

‘Wonderfully wacky and weird and wondrous. Fabulous in all senses of the word.’ Shelley Tracey [Belfast performance]

‘Hilarious, beautiful, inventive… fantastic ensemble cast! Simply stunning.’ Rachel Melaugh [Belfast performance]

‘It was excellent. A bit of Gaiman, a sniff of Pratchett and a lorra lorra Talbot! Really good fun.’ Réaltán Ní Leannáin [Dublin performance]

‘Brilliant night watching The Faerie Thorn. Laughed through the first half and bawled through the second. Fabulous.’ Orla McAlinden [Dublin performance]

‘We were captivated by the magic of The Faerie Thorn in The Ardhowen tonight. Wow! Just wow!’ Trish Bennett [Enniskillen performance]

‘It’s a wonderful celebration of theatre and fairy tale! Better than many London shows.’ Michael Way [Derry performance]

‘I need to be warm-held after the most inventive and energised theatre. Unexpectedly moving and fantastically funny. Beautiful and haunting language.’ Gilly Campbell [Lisburn performance]

‘Perfect theatre. If you can get a ticket, do not miss it!’ Joan Grenville [Lisburn performance]

‘Just home from the most wonderfully poetic, moving and frighteningly magical play’. ‘Zedhead’ [Newtownards performance]

‘Flann O’Brien meets Texas Chain Saw Massacre Trolls. Loved it! The wildness of it. Fab cast.’ Jimmy Fay [Bellaghy performance]