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quotation-39628_640In almost all cases, the author is the best marketing tool a publisher has. That’s why it’s essential that authors can talk to audiences about their work, whether that be by drawing them into the world of the book through readings, engaging in Q&As about how they came to write the book at festivals, or talking to journalists and broadcasters about what makes their book special. Making a connection with readers is what makes a book successful – Patsy Horton, Managing Editor, Blackstaff Press.

Copy of Untitled design (11)This Is For You If
* You’re an author and you’ve done plenty of book readings but you just don’t enjoy them (and you’re not sure if your audience enjoys them either 😛 ). Even the thought of reading your book(s) to others, or talking about your book(s), can bring you out in a cold sweat. Although you know that readings are ‘part of the job’, you’d rather they weren’t.
* You’re a new author and you’re up for book readings, but you’ve never done one before. You’re not sure how to prepare and (if you’re honest) you’re a bit nervous about the whole thing.
* You’re an author who wants to really enjoy the experience of reading from your books(s) and talking about your writing – and who wants journalists, broadcasters and audiences to enjoy the experience too.

What’s The Problem?
This course is based on the premise that our emotional states have a profound impact on our behaviour – and on what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world around us.
If we’re anxious or fearful or unrelaxed when we read to others, our reading is likely to give away our urge to escape. Our audiences may sense that we want to get things over with quickly. We might try to make ourselves small and inconspicuous as we follow the urge to disconnect from the ‘threatening’ environment in which we find ourselves. And when we’re in that kind of state, we may even believe that our writing isn’t really worth listening to – or that we are somehow ‘out of place’ or don’t belong.

What Would It Be Like If Things Were Different?
Now, imagine what it would be like if you could :
* Feel confident, relaxed and connected (or however you’d like to feel) whenever you share your work with an audience…
* Feel completely at home when you’re reading, wherever you’re reading … 
* Bring your written words to life in such a way that both you and your audience enjoy listening to them … 

* Enjoy the aliveness of an honest and open connection with the people who have come to listen to you read …
* Feel genuinely excited at the prospect of reading, and talking about, your book(s) to others …

You Think That Would Be Brilliant, But You’re Wondering How It’s Possible
Well, here’s how the process works! During the course, which employs a range of processes from Neuro-Linguistic Programming † , you’ll learn how to :
* Identify and clear the ‘uncomfortable’ emotional states and/or  unhelpful beliefs that are getting in the way of you enjoying book readings and similar events.
* Condition a new supportive ‘reading state’ or ‘talking state’, one that presents itself as automatically, and as unconsciously, as the old state. (That’s right : you won’t even have to think about conjuring up the positive state, you’ll just be hijacked by Jane Talbot NvTvit whenever you’re reading … or talking about your book(s) … or even thinking about doing a book reading … or an interview 😛 ).
* Use the power of attention to transform your moment-to-moment experience with ease.
* Switch off the fight-or-flight response at will.
* Create a comfortable ‘at-home’ rapport with your audience.
* Connect to the place that your writing comes from and use the creative energy from that place to bring your  written words and your conversation to life. (That energy is really powerful, by the way – and much more powerful than all your fears put together!)
* Be more of yourself with your audience.
* Master the art of entertaining yourself. (If you’re entertaining yourself, the chances are you’ll be entertaining everyone else too.)

The Nitty Gritty
Dates : This programme runs. Dates tbc. 
Venue : Northern Ireland TBC
Format : 2 days, 10am – 5pm
Price : from £130 (super early bird rate)
Number of places : 8
Warning 1 : Involves reading out loud 😛
Warning 2 : Involves fun and occasional, light raucousness 😛


How To Book A Place
To optimise your learning experience, only 8 places are available on this programme. Bookings for the first programme will open in July 2016. Please contact me if you’d like to check whether this is the right course for you or be added to the waiting list. [Those on the waiting list receive the booking link FIRST].

story jane 1 (2)More About Jane
If you want to know more about my credentials and my approach, just hop over to my Testimonials, About Jane and Coaching pages. You can also find out more about my training and coaching background, and my NLP and hypnosis work, at † You can find out more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming over on here. I’ve read and talked at The Aspects Irish Literature Festival [Bangor, Northern Ireland], The Dublin Book Festival [Dublin, Ireland] and Women Aloud NI events [in Portstewart Library and No Alibis Bookshop, Belfast]. I’ve also delivered talks and readings in Waterstone’s bookshops in Coleraine, Belfast and Ballymena [Northern Ireland]. I’ve done interviews on BBC Radio Ulster [Your Place and Mine, and The Arts Show], Q Radio [Ballymena], and on Northern Visions [Novel Ideas, NvTv – Belfast].

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