1-1 Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching Is For
* Anyone who is engaged in the creative process.
* Creatives who are just starting out or who have been on their creative path for some time (or even a very long time).

I can Support You Best If
* You’re facing a specific creative challenge.
* You’ve lost your creative mojo and you’re keen to get it back.
* You want to find your authentic voice or style.
* You’re a writer and book readings aren’t your thing, but you’d like them to be.
* You want to overcome a block/ procrastination/ resistance and learn how to stay connected to ‘the flow’.
* You want to stop being fearful about what other people might think of you/ your work and start having the courage to put yourself/ your stuff ‘out there’.
* You want to stop giving up before you’re done and start seeing things through.
* You want to build, or repair, a nourishing relationship with the most creative part of yourself : your unconscious mind.

It’s Likely That I’ll Be A Good Fit For You If
* You want to work with someone who has the skill to understand, and engage with, your creative process.
* You want an authentic and honest working relationship with someone who is just as passionate about creativity and creative expression as you are.
* You want a collaborative coaching partnership with someone who has a background in the same, or a different, creative field.
* You’re up for working creatively and playfully.

I Probably Won’t Be A Good Fit For You If
* You want me to teach you the mechanics of your craft. There are plenty of other people who can teach you ‘how to’ 🙂 .

Jane Talbot storytellerWhat’s My Creative Background?
Musician :
I’ve been a musician for over 40 years. 
Storyteller :
I’m a performance storyteller and I specialise in the art of therapeutic storytelling. Since 2006, I’ve been doing my bit to help keep the oral storytelling tradition alive by training people how to tell stories. 
Writer : I write original, dark faerie tales .  You can find out more about The Faerie Thorn & Other Stories hereYou can find out more about my creative background here.

IACTMWhat Are My Coaching Credentials?
I have 19 years of experience as a coach, along with a career in training, teaching and facilitation that spans 30 years. As well as being an experienced trainer of both Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis, I am also a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master Hypnotherapist and a Humanistic NLP Coach. I currently sit on the Board of Advisors for the International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors. For more information about my experience and qualifications, click here.

The Nitty Gritty
Sessions (Skype, Google Hangouts or phone) are 60 minutes long and can be arranged for any mutually convenient time. Price – £95 per session or book 3 sessions and get them for the price of 2* (*£190 for 3 sessions).

How To Book
If  1-1 coaching sounds like something that could work for you, let’s start the conversation! Contact me to arrange a “chemistry call”, and once you are confident that I’m a good fit for you, and I’m confident that I can support you in a way that’s right for you, we can take it from there.

Find Out More About Me
You can find out more about my background and experience here and read what people are saying about me here .

“There are few coaches I consider to be truly world class. Jane Talbot is one of the few. Whether you are fortunate enough to work with Jane one-to-one, or as part of a group experience, you will benefit from the same individualised attention and insightful support, delivered with skill and compassion. She has an uncanny ability to cut right to the core of whatever has been keeping you stuck, and to elegantly and playfully guide you towards whatever you most want for yourself. What’s more she lives and breathes her own message with integrity and a sense of adventure. If you have the opportunity to work with Jane, grasp it with both hands.” Kate Trafford, master coach and speaker – Cruise Control For Life