Resolving Resistance : Facilitating Flow

If you a creative, and you find yourself procrastinating or experiencing resistance [without knowing how to start things moving again], this 2-day intensive is for you.

In a small-group setting [8 people maximum], you’ll get to meet your procrastination/resistance ‘head on’ and learn how to build a healthy relationship with the part of you that’s getting in the way of your work!

You’ll develop useful insights about the good intentions [yes, you read that right!] of your procrastination/resistance and you’ll learn how to satisfy those intentions in a way which contributes to a sustainable creative flow.

We’ll lay some ghosts to rest [unhelpful memories, unsupportive beliefs and negative emotions] and start to condition some supportive beliefs, feelings and behaviours – and you’ll leave the programme with some helpful coping strategies, should the ‘old monster’ raise its poor wee head again.*

*This programme employs time line work  as well as approaches from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian hypnosis.

Full details of this programme will be available soon! Please check back in a short while 🙂 .