Courses & Coaching

You’ll find an up-to-date course and coaching calendar on this page. Due to heavy writing and performance commitments in 2018, many courses will not run until 2019.

Telling Stories For A Change | Course | 3 Days
Learn the art of oral storytelling
Winter 2018 – Venue tbc, N. Ireland
Spring 2019 – Drymen, Scotland
Number of participant places – 16
Price – from £195

Brilliant Book Readings | Course | 2 Days
Learn how to enjoy book readings and bring your writing to life
Autumn 2018 – Venue tbc, N. Ireland
Number of participant places – 8
Price – from £130

NLP training for writers and writing coachesNLP Practitioner Training For Writers & Writing Coaches | Course | 8 [2×4] Days + 65 Hours of Home Study
Join this unique programme to enhance your coaching skills, acquire an advanced toolkit to help facilitate your own artistic development [and that of others], learn more about who you are [and why you think, feel and act the way you do], and gain a certificate as an NLP Practitioner. [This course is approved by ABNLP and accredited by IACTM].
Spring 2019 – Venue tbc, N. Ireland
Number of participant places – 12
Price – from £995

Working With Your Creativity In Mind | Course | 4 [2×2] Days
Learn how to build, and maintain, a nourishing relationship with the most creative part of yourself : your unconscious mind.
Winter 2019 – Venue tbc, N. Ireland
Number of participant places – 12
Price – from £265

Resolving Resistance: Facilitating Flow | Course | 1 Day
Learn how to get out of the way of yourself.
Summer 2019 – Venue tbc, N. Ireland
Number of participants places – 8
Price – from £65

Creativity Coaching | 1-1 | 60-Minute Sessions
If you’re facing a specific creative challenge, or if group-settings just aren’t your thing, 1-1 coaching might be a good fit for your needs
Sessions (Skype or phone) can be arranged for any mutually convenient time
Price – £95 per session or book 3 sessions for the price of 2* ( *£190 )