Telling Stories For A Change

In A Nutshell
This programme offers a rigorous grounding in the fundamentals of oral storytelling. It is for anyone who wants to improve their storytelling skills. Anyone. (Really. Anyone). Why do I say anyone? Well, if you’re human, you’re a living, breathing story – and I bet that story is worth telling well ūüôā .

This Is Absolutely, Totally and Completely For You If …
You’re a human being and you believe in the power of story ¬†– and you want to be part of a community dedicated to keeping stories and their gifts alive.


Jane Talbot - writer, storyteller and creativity coachThis Is Also Definitely For You If …
You’re a fiction writer and you want to improve your relationship with the part of you that generates stories.

You’re already a performance storyteller and you want to add to your storytelling tool-kit.

You’re a parent or grandparent or a carer for children and you want to learn how to tell stories that will captivate children and that will even support and encourage them.

You’re¬†a Practitioner of NLP or a¬†Master Practitioner of NLP or an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist or NLP Trainer or Hypnosis Trainer or aspiring performance storyteller or teacher or social worker or¬†community development worker or outdoor activity instructor or counsellor or therapist or ¬†coach – and you’re¬†interested in using metaphor and storytelling for change and transformation.

You work in business and you want to get your message across (and influence)  in new ways.

What Does The Programme Syllabus Look Like?
The 3-day storytelling programme is packed with goodies. Lots of stories will get told by me, and by you, over the course of the programme – and, on the final day, everyone will be required to tell a short story to the whole group. You can expect to have a huge amount of fun as you engage in a range of practical storytelling activities that come from Neuro-Linguistic Programming¬†‚Ć, Ericksonian hypnosis, traditional storytelling, theatrical improvisation (improv) and from Far,Far Away (really – I’ve been to some far out places to bring back some brilliant techniques for infusing your stories with a touch of magic ūüôā ūüôā ). Here’s what we’ll be covering :

Jane Talbot storyteller
a.The purpose, and history, of storytelling.
b.How to locate, and connect to, the place where stories get made.
c. How to connect to your inner storyteller.
d.How to connect to your listener(s).
e.How to connect to the story.
f.The tricks of the storytelling trade [embodying characters ; amplifying emotions ; leveraging language ; awakening the senses ; the 3 Rs ]
g.How to build mythical ( ūüėõ ) levels of storytelling confidence.
h.How to find your authentic storytelling voice.
i.How to generate original stories.
j.How to use traditional tales [or true stories] for change.
k.How to select the right story for the right occasion.
l.How to effect transformation in your listener [and in you – because you’re always listening when you’re telling!]
m.How to tell at least 2 stories at the same time [multi-layer communication].
n.How to be like Billy Connolly [nested loops].

story 2What’s Included?
In addition to a ball of good yarns and lively company (I’ve been running these courses since 2006, and the people who come along to the storytelling programme are amongst the most interesting I have met!), you’ll get :¬†

1. 3 x live training days 
2. 1 x programme workbook 
3. BONUS coaching offer : if you would like additional 1-1 storytelling coaching (via Skype), you may book up to 3 x 90-minute coaching sessions at the discounted rate of £95 per session. These additional sessions must be booked and paid for within a week of completing the storytelling training and must be taken within 3 months of the last day of the storytelling training. 

Are There Any Entry Requirements?
There are no special entry requirements for this programme, but additional certification is available  for those participants holding NLP Practitioner status or above.

Will I Get A Certificate?
IACTMI am an IACTM-Accredited Training Provider.This programme is both recognised and accredited by the International Association Of  Coaches, Therapists & Mentors. On successful completion of the programme, all participants will receive a certificate of completion bearing the seal of the IACTM. For those participants holding NLP Practitioner status or above, a Storytelling Practitioner certificate (also bearing the IACTM seal) will be awarded. This award is dependent on successful completion of the programme (including the storytelling performance on Day 3). You can visit the IACTM website here.

When And Where?
Dates : Autumn 2018 tbc
Times : 10am Р4.30pm each day [latest finish 5pm]
Venue : tbc

Dates : Spring 2019 tbc
Times : 10am – 4.30pm each day [latest finish 5pm]
Venue : Tir Na Nog, near Drymen, Scotland [Visit website here]

story 3How Much Does It Cost?
Super Early Bird rate : £195*

Early Bird rate : £295*

Regular rate : £395* 

* Terms & Conditions apply.

Super Early Bird rate : £250*

Early Bird rate : £350*
Regular rate : £450*
* Terms & Conditions apply.

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How Can I Book A Place?
To optimise your learning experience, only 16 places are available on this programme. Bookings for the Northern Irish programme open 3 months before the course start date and you can book your place here. Bookings for the Scottish programme will open 3 months before the course start date and you can book your place here. Please contact me if you’d like to be added to the waiting list for either running of this programme. [Those on the waiting list receive the booking link FIRST].

Jane TalbotMore About Jane
If you want to know more about my credentials and my approach, just hop over to my Testimonials, About Jane and Coaching pages. You can also find out more about my training and coaching background, and my NLP and hypnosis work, at † You can find out more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming over on here.

I’ve been telling stories all my life, but I really got into the swing of things when I left home and went to university in 1984. As a young folk singer, I travelled Europe with my guitar on my back, learning new songs, singing old songs and telling the story of how I had received each of the songs. As a student, I studied the modern and medieval languages and literature of France and Germany. I developed a special interest in Old Norse sagas and fairy tales, writing the thesis for my first degree on the relationship between the Old Norse¬†V√∂lsunga Saga, The Niebelungenlied ¬†(Wagner’s Ring Cycle is based on this medieval epic) and Sleeping Beauty.

I was thrilled to discover the central role of metaphor and storytelling in my NLP and hypnosis training and set about specialising in this particular aspect of the field. My teaching in this field synthesises approaches from NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis with my academic background in the field, with traditional storytelling approaches, with my background as a linguist and with approaches from improv (theatrical improvisation) .

I have been offering specialist storytelling training programmes since 2006. Since 2006 the training programme has evolved to reflect my own development as a performance storyteller, therapeutic storyteller and author of original fairy tales.

‚ÄúJane skilfully weaves stories that captivate the conscious mind and connect deeply with the unconscious mind of the listener. ¬†Artful in her use of language, you can’t help but be trance-ported inside each story while emerging later with increased confidence in your own creativity. ¬†Learning to do what she does is a wonderful exercise in trusting your unconscious mind, while helping others find their own Truth in stories.‚ÄĚ John Overdurf, co-developer of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology ‚ĄĘ, Master Trainer of NLP, Trainer of Ericksonian Hypnosis. co-author of Training Trances and Dreaming Realities.