Listen to a short excerpt from The Terrible Tale of Fillan McQuillan here:

Listen to Zoe Seaton [Big Telly’s artistic director] talking about the stage production of The Faerie Thorn, a month into the tour:

Read the first chapter of The Faerie Thorn over on Culture NI’s website. Just click on the image below to fast-magick yourself there:

Watch me being interviewed by Tony Macaulay [author of Paper Boy, Bread Boy, and All Growed Up]. I talk about faerie tales and about The Faerie Thorn and Other Stories.

Watch a recording of a live-streamed book group. *SPOILER ALERT*

You can get the latest news about, and find links to full reviews of, The Faerie Thorn & Other Stories here. You might also like to check out these related pages : The Story Behind The Book and Virtual Tour .